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Terms and Rules

1. General

1.1. The Website (from now on referred to as the Website) is owned and operated by Sveikatinimo Akademija Ltd., company code 304715923, tel. no. +370 659 14781, I. Simonaitytės str. 18-42, LT-95133 Klaipėda, Lithuania. The provision of the Services shall be following the rules of the Site (from now on referred to as the “Rules”).

1.2. These Terms of Use for the Website are a written document. They are considered an agreement between the Website and You (the "Customer") regarding the use of the Website and any of the Services provided on the Website ("Services").

1.3. Before creating an account for the Service, the Customer must read the Rules and agree to them. By creating an account, the Client acquires the rights and obligations outlined in the Rules.

1.4. The Site has the right to terminate the Client's rights or cancel the registration at any time, is not responsible for, and does not compensate the Client for any damage caused by the Client's failure to comply with the terms and conditions outlined in the Rules.

1.5. Subject to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, the Site has the right to change, amend or supplement the Terms at any time without prior notice to the Client. The new Rules shall take effect from the date of their posting on the Site. The Customer's orders placed before the amendment of the Rules shall be executed following the Rules in force at the time of placing the order.

1.6. The site is for informational purposes only and does not provide any medical advice or health advice and is not intended to replace the advice of your doctor, dietitian, or other health care professional. Always consult a doctor, dietitian, or other health care professional before using the Site Services.

2. Customer personal data

2.1. To receive the Service, the Customer must create an account on the Website by submitting the requested personal data at registration.

2.2. Customer registration is confirmed automatically, and by email, A letter with the Customer's login information is sent to a customer the e-mail address.

2.3. The Client agrees that the Site has the right to process the Client's data in the cases and for the purposes set out in these Rules.

2.4. The Website confirms that the Customer's data will be used to identify Customers when ordering the Service.

2.5. The Website undertakes not to disclose Customer personal data and information related to the Service to any third parties except Customer's data may be published when required by the competent State authority in cases provided by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania or with the separate written consent of the Customer.

2.6. The Site undertakes to ensure the protection of the Customer's data following the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

3. Rights, duties and liabilities of the parties

3.1. The Customer is entitled to: purchase the Service for sale at a price specified on the Website and following the procedure outlined in the Terms.

3.2. The Client undertakes:

  • to use and use the services provided by the Website

  • not to disclose his (personal data) and login data to third parties

  • to submit orders filled into the Website following these Rules

  • to pay for the Services registration form

  • update this information immediately

  • familiarize yourself with the Site Terms.

3.3. The Customer undertakes to keep its account login information confidential and not to disclose it to any third party. Any breach of this provision of the Terms shall be the sole responsibility of the Customer. The Client, if you are becoming aware of the disclosure of his login data, shall immediately inform the Website, which shall block the Client's login following the Client's notice. Reactivation of the Customer's registration is subject to a separate agreement between the parties.

3.4. Customer is not authorized to transfer rights to the Service to other persons, organizations, distribute, sell Service information, share-online or otherwise share. Customer may not copy, modify, modify, translate the Service without the written permission of the Website.

3.5. The Client agrees that he/she cannot use the Service if he/she is under 18 years of age. The Customer assumes full responsibility for any unauthorized use of the Service by minors with the Customer's account and login details.

3.6. The Site has the right to: suspend the Site at any time; change, update, and correct the Rules. To change the range and prices of the Services sold; Limit or terminate Customer's access to and use of the Services provided by the Customer intentionally to the detriment of the Site.

3.7. The Website undertakes to:

  • Sell the Service to the Customer and issue a document confirming the purchase and sale of the Service to the Customer who has paid for it following the procedure established by legal acts;

  • The Customer is responsible for the correctness of his / her data provided and for the storage and non-disclosure of his / her login data to third parties.

3.8. The Customer is responsible for his actions on the Website.

3.9. The Site shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of the Customer's failure to read these Terms and Conditions, even though such an option has been provided.

3.10. The Website shall not be liable for any decisions made by Customers in connection with the use of the information provided on the Website, their consequences, or for any loss or damage suffered.

3.11. The Website is not responsible for the advertising of other third parties and the accuracy of the information contained therein.

3.12. The parties agree that, in the event of the liability of one of the parties, the guilty party shall indemnify the other.

3.13. The customer is solely responsible for Customer health problems arising from the use of the Website. The Site shall not be liable or liable to the Client for any material or non-pecuniary damage to its health and life.

3.14. The right to purchase the offered goods/services in the online shop must be:

  • natural persons of at least 18 years of age;

  • persons under the age of 18 with the consent of their parents or guardians;

  • legal entities.

4. Privacy policy

4.1. Customer aware of this Privacy Policy (i.e., Customer agrees that its name, email address, telephone number, IP address, height, weight, physical activity, diet type, number of meals will be managed for performance analysis and direct marketing purposes, check the box under "I agree to the Term оf Service.") is deemed to have expressed his consent to the processing of his Personal Data (name, surname, email address, telephone number, IP address, height, weight, physical activity, diet type, number of meals) for direct marketing purposes.

4.2. Sveikatinimo akademija JSC with this draws the Customer's attention to the fact that upon the change of the Privacy Policy, a new version thereof will be placed on the Website, which each Customer will be able to access upon logging in to the Website.

4.3. Persons wishing to purchase goods and/or services and/or create an account on the Site must provide the following information: name, surname, telephone number, email address, and address of residence and/or place of delivery. The customer is held responsible for the correctness of the data provided.

4.4. The Customer may modify and/or complete his/her Personal Data by logging in to the Account he/she has created on the Website and by contacting the Website by email. Email for assistance with changing your data and opting out of your Account.

4.5. If the Customer, after purchasing the goods and/or services from the Site, does not request that the Personal Data provided be used for Direct Marketing purposes, the Customer must write an email to and state that he does not wish to receive emails and/or SMS messages. The sending of e-mails and/or SMS messages shall be interrupted only by the Customer's expressly listed e-mails. Email addresses and/or telephone numbers. The customer may unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking the "unsubscribe" or "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the newsletter.

4.6. The Site confirms that the Personal Data provided by the Client will be processed solely to correctly provide the Client with the services offered on the Site (including the right to participate in promotions, projects). The Site also confirms that the Personal Data provided by the Customer will be processed for purposes of Site Performance Analysis and Direct Marketing unless the Customer provides such consent.

4.7. The Website undertakes not to disclose the Customer's Data to third parties, except with the Customer's permission, when executing an order through the partners of the Website and following the procedure established by legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

4.8. The Customer shall have the right:

  • upon request to the Site, to access its Personal Data held by the Site and to obtain from whom and what Personal Data it collects, for what purpose, to which recipients it has been provided and made available for one year;

  • submit a request to the Site in writing, by email, for deletion of your Account or suspension of your Personal Data Management activities, except as provided in the Privacy Policy;

  • disagree with the Privacy Policy and the disposal of Buyer's Personal Data as outlined in this Privacy Policy, in which case the Customer will not be able to obtain goods and/or services on the Site;

  • take any other action required by this Privacy Policy and any legal acts.


4.9. 4.8. in the appropriate cases listed above, the Website shall provide the Client with a response and perform or refuse to perform the actions specified in the submitted request within 30 (thirty) days at the latest.

4.10. The Customer's identity document requested at the time of collection of the Goods and the Customer's data contained therein shall be used only for the identification of the Customer.

4.11. By accepting this Privacy Policy, you agree that your Personal Data will be used to fulfill your order, whether you order goods and/or services from the Site as a Seller or from Partners, and that your Personal Data may be transferred to the Site Affiliates.

4.12. The Customer's Personal Data is provided to the Member States of the European Union or other foreign countries under the same terms and conditions as for entities located in the Republic of Lithuania and only for the purposes provided for in this Privacy Policy.

4.13. The Website protects Personal Data to the extent that such person uses the services of the Website, except as provided in this Privacy Policy.

4.14. Following the cancellation of an Account, Customer's Personal Data may be stored on the Personal Data Controller Server for up to six months, unless Customer's data has been:

  • used in connection with an illegal activity

  • suspected of identity theft or other investigate the relevant law enforcement authorities

  • if the Site has received complaints relating to the Client in question, or if the Site has discovered violations of the rules of sale and purchase by the Client in question on the Site;

  • for other legitimate purposes, the storage of Personal Data. These data will be destroyed upon lawful instruction by law enforcement or other authorized authorities.

4.15. The Site's internal technology solutions ensure that the Personal Data provided by Customer on the Site is protected from any unauthorized interference, loss, unauthorized use or alteration, that is, the level of protection of personal data meets the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

4.16. The Customer undertakes and is required to keep the Password and login and other details of his or her login to the Site. The Client takes and must not disclose Personal Data about himself or any third party to any other third parties, if such third party Personal Data has become available to him, and to notify the Site immediately of any apparent breach.

4.17. In the event of any malfunction or diagnosis of the Site, the Administrator may use the Buyers IP addresses.

4.18. If the Website questions the accuracy of the Personal Data provided by the Customer, it may suspend the processing of such Personal Data of such Customers, verify and correct such data. Such Personal Data shall be used solely to verify their accuracy.

4.19. Cookies may be stored on the Client's device that connects to the Site in order to provide the Client with the full services of the Site.

4.20. By accepting the Privacy Policy, the Customer agrees that cookies provided for in this Privacy Policy will be stored on their device. Customers may revoke this consent at any time by modifying the settings of its Internet browser, but in that case, certain features of the Site may not work for it.

4.21. Cookies used on the Site are used to transmit information through an electronic communications network. You may delete or block all or part of these Cookies in your browser settings, but in that case, some features of the Site may not work. Another type of cookie is used to collect information to calculate attendance (gathering statistical information), to provide content of interest to the Clients and to maintain the history of the visit.

5. Payment methods

5.1. You can pay for services and/or goods on the site:

  • Using Internet banking services of domestic banks;

  • Credit card;

  • Paypal;

5.2. All prepayments use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol and 128-byte encryption to transfer your data, making all of these methods completely secure. Our partners and, take care of data transmission security and payments.

 5.3. Online banking settlement. This method is a prepayment using the electronic banking system used by the buyer. You can pay for services and/or goods on the site using the most popular electronic banking systems:

  • AB Swedbank,

  • AB SEB bank,

  • Danske Bank,

  • Luminor,

  • Nordea Bank Lithuania,

  • Citadel,

  • Bank of Siauliai,

  • Medical Bank.

You pay for services and/or goods not on the Website, but on the Internet Banking System itself, on a secure bank server. You only enter passwords and other private information into this system, so security is guaranteed.

5.4. Credit card payment. You can pay with the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard. When paying by credit card, you do not leave your details to us as you are redirected to a certified service provider for payment transactions.

5.5. When paying for services and/or goods and choosing Paypal as your payment method, you will be redirected to the payment system. Paypal is responsible for data collection and security.

6. Terms of delivery

6.1. All services and goods on the Site are electronic and do not require physical delivery. All confirmations, sign-ups and other required information will be sent to you by email.

7. Return of quality goods

7.1. The Customer's right to withdraw from a distance and off-premises contract shall not apply to the following contracts: ***

  • service contracts under which the services and/or goods have been fully provided to the Customer provided that prior to the provision of the services and/or goods the Customer has expressly agreed and acknowledged that he will forfeit his right to complete the contract;

  • Contracts for goods that are manufactured in accordance with the Customer's specific instructions and which are not pre-manufactured and manufactured in accordance with the Customer's personal choice or instruction, or goods that are expressly customized for Customer's personal use;

  • contracts for perishable goods or goods of short duration;

  • contracts for packaged goods which have been unpacked after delivery and which are unsuitable for return for health or hygiene reasons;

  • contracts for goods which, after delivery, are inherently intermixed with other goods;

  • contracts for alcoholic beverages priced at the time of the conclusion of the contract of sale, thirty days after the conclusion of the contract, the fair value of which is subject to market fluctuations;

  • Contracts entered into upon the Client's submission of a specific request to the Contractor for this arrival in order to carry out urgent repair or maintenance work. If, in this case, the Contractor provides additional services beyond those specifically specified by the Customer, or sells additional goods beyond those required for repair or maintenance, those additional services or goods shall be subject to the right of withdrawal;

  • contracts for packaged video or audio recordings or packaged software that are unpacked after delivery;

  • contracts for the supply of newspapers, periodicals or magazines, with the exception of contracts for the subscription of such publications;

  • contracts concluded at a public auction;

  • contracts for the provision of accommodation, carriage of goods, car rental, catering services, provided that the contract specifies a specific date or period for the provision of services;

  • contracts for the supply of digital content where the supply of the digital content has been subject to the prior express consent of the consumer and to the exclusion of any right of withdrawal.

  • legal persons.

*** In accordance with Article 6.22810 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania

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