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Three principles of nutrition that will help you lose weight

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

I always hear people say, “I’ll stick to a strict diet, lose weight, and then I’ll start eating right.” If you haven’t developed the right eating habits during weight loss, then most likely you will not eat right because you don’t know what it is to ‘eat right’, so the lost weight will return back, often with a bonus. There are a lot of such stories...

Achieve and maintain a healthy body weight throughout life! If your nutrition plan does not let you develop eating habits that you will be able to maintain throughout your life, give such a plan up! Basic principles of nutrition that will help reduce weight and maintain the result throughout life:

I. Moderate diet

This means that there must be neither too much nor too little food, but as much as is necessary to achieve the goal.

You know well that weight does not increase out of thin air, so to reduce weight you will need to reduce caloric intake, which is calculated individually according to sex, age, weight, height and physical activity. You need to know the amount of calories to determine the size of the food portion. If you eat too little, then you will starve. If you eat too much, you will not lose weight. Portion size is not measured by eye or handful, etc., rather it is measured by counting calories and grams.

That’s all, the first step and the first ‘moderate diet’ principle is completed! All you need is to buy food scale and proceed to the second principle. Find out how many calories you must take to reduce weight: calorie calculator

II. Varied diet

This means that your diet should consist of a variety of foods because only then you can stick to the nutrition plan for life rather than just for one week.

Eating a variety of food is more likely to satisfy the body’s needs. Don’t jump into all sorts of on-trend diets and make radical decisions refusing certain food or even a whole group of foods (e.g. gluten, carbohydrates, dairy products, meat, etc.). If you do not have health problems and there is no intolerance or allergy to specific foods diagnosed, do not rush to give up your favorite foods. Dietary trends come and go and fanatic dieting can do more harm to health than good. Poor diet will soon annoy you and will not form the right eating habits!

The same food product only once a day. This way you will provide the body with various nutrients, reduce the risk of allergies and food intolerance.

For example, if you eat an egg with bread for breakfast, you better choose buckwheat with chicken for lunch, and cod with rice crumbles for dinner. Choose different vegetables with each meal. That’s all, the second step and the second ‘varied diet’ principle is completed!

If you find it difficult to plan your diet on your own and eat a variety of foods, use the nutrition platform to achieve the goal and lose weight without stress.

III. Balanced diet

This means that the body must receive a sufficient amount of nutrients like proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Lack of any nutrient, especially long-term deficiency, causes stress in the body, which can lead to health problems. If you remember, until recently it was suggested to eat as little fat as possible, while today, carbohydrate-free diets are promoted. If a person has enough fat stores for a long time, then carbohydrate stores will be enough for an average of 2 days.

Tell a Japanese person that white rice, including sushi, is an unhealthy product leading to increased weight. Or tell an Italian person that traditional pasta and pizza are the most unhealthy foods as they are made from white flour? The problem is not carbohydrates, but the amount of them!

You can ignore the fact that anyone who call themselves a nutritionist is stating that rice, pasta, white flour or crumbles are simple carbohydrates or sugar, however, when a specialist with an official education in nutrition states so, a natural questions is - since when rice, pasta, white flour or crumbles are classified as simple carbohydrates or, what’s more interesting, are called sugar? Apparently, they invented this facts themselves and use them to scare people.

Biochemistry is not yet re-written: Carbohydrates are the main source of human energy!

The most difficult diets are carbohydrate-free diets and the worst thing is that they do not allow developing the right eating habits, so the result is short-lived. This is proved by athletes who lose weight before the competition and make their muscles develop by reducing or terminating carbohydrate intake. After the competition, the weight returns, often with a bonus, despite that the athletes have a cast-iron will and do a lot of sports.

When reducing weight, do not break the body’s balance and provide it with all the nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates. To avoid getting used to the nutrition plan, the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates should fluctuate, that is, consume more protein on the first day, and eat more carbohydrates the next day, etc. There may be a number of combinations. That’s all, the third step and the third ‘balanced diet’ principle is completed!

The best way to determine whether you consume the right amount of calories is to monitor body weight and its changes over time!

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