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About me


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Roberta Mišeikienė​

Wife, mom and healthy lifestyle coach. Like for most women, after giving birth my body shapes changed and the kilograms gained did not allow the sense of wellbeing. I discovered a solution that helped not only me but also most other women and men to achieve the result.


I am now a graduate dietitian with over 20 years of experience advising clients on nutrition.


To reduce weight, you need to understand that nutrition is not only food, cooking, but also figures - formulas, calories and grams. The idea was that using smart technologies we could systematize the figures and transfer them into electronic space.


This is how, the largest nutrition platform, emerged.


I know for sure that it is easier to achieve the goal having the most diverse menu, so I created the largest base of healthy meals in Lithuania. I regularly create new recipes, which are added to the recipe base only after tasting. Many users are surprised to see such a wide range of recipes that they can choose to their liking.


Those trying to lose weight want to eat not only healthy but also tasty, and the today’s pace of life does not allow spending a lot of time counting calories and nutrients, finding healthy recipes and cooking. Therefore, for many is a real discovery!


Recently, I have often come across people chasing a variety of short-lived diet trends that have a negative impact not only on nutrition, but also on health. is the first nutrition platform created based on the basic principles of dietology - moderation, diversity, balance, and therefore helps in forming correct long-term eating habits.


Cherish yourself and your family – eat tasty and healthy!


“Health is not everything, but without health, everything else becomes nothing.”  Socrates

Arvydas Mišeikis​

Previously, I was a professional athlete. My experience in competitions is 15 years. I have been doing sports for over 30 years and I am glad that the knowledge I have gained in the school of real life motivates and helps my clients to achieve results.


I never stop learning. I believe in what I have tried and tested myself and what really works.

Balance must be maintained everywhere and always. There is no good in pursuing short-lived results. Our body is a complex living system with its balance determined by positive thinking, varied and balanced nutrition and physical activity.


If you can’t find time for a healthy nutrition and exercise, then you can’t find time for a healthy lifestyle.


Respect your body and do not become a trash can for food.


Choose a way of life that brings joy, not suffering.

“All people want to live a long life. But will they really be happy being old and sick? Your body needs care throughout life, regardless of age.”

About me


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  • Trainer license


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